Steps To Become Oracle Database Certified

Steps to become Oracle Database Certified

Steps to become Oracle Database Certified in 2018

Things being what they are, would it be advisable for you to wind up Oracle Certified? It’s been a questionable issue for some time, yet one thing is sure: the Oracle Certification gives an exact measure of your specialized capacities. Moreover, it gives you an edge over individuals viewing for the database organization positions you want.

Here are the means to getting an Oracle Database confirmation:

  1. Associate Certification

The initial step to getting your Oracle is getting the Associate Certification, which requires that the individual breezes through two tests to end up an Oracle Certified Associate (OCA). With this capability, you can work in junior database administration as a colleague or an application engineer. To get the partner affirmation, you need to go in one of the three tests clarified underneath and the last “Oracle Database 11g: Administration I” test.

Stage 1: Take one of the accompanying three courses

Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061

The examination tests capacity to make, recover, keep up and alter information in a database. Principally, this includes a grip of critical database organization ideas, for example, social database. Furthermore, the need to comprehend and utilize SQL is essential, as the test will expect you to show your SQL programming aptitudes.

Oracle Database SQL Expert 1Z0-047

When all is said in done, this is a propelled variant of the “Prologue to Oracle9i SQL” test. You will require capability in 76 points to prevail in this exam. You need a high comprehension of database objects, control benefits, and framework level questions. The inquiries are require profound comprehension of SQL, and are various parts in nature, requiring use of ideas instead of minor remembrance of answers. Involvement in database organization will give you a remarkable preferred standpoint in this test.

Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051

This test is an enhanced adaptation of the “Prologue to Oracle9i SQL” test. The substance is later and incorporates set and restrictive administrators, which are missing in the more seasoned rendition. Hence, you would be in an ideal situation picking this test over the previous.

Stage 2: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I 1Z0-052

The test requires learning on the most proficient method to set up database conditions and secure Oracle examples in any system condition. Different ideas expected to pass this exam incorporate comprehension of database reinforcement and recuperation, Oracle Database Architecture, and in addition setup of security examples. The inquiries require use of ideas, not only retention of data.

  1. Proficient Certification

The expert accreditation enables you to oversee huge databases and grow vast scale database applications. In outline, to wind up an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), you need to take an educator drove course, an exam and a hands-on course.

Stage 1: Be an Oracle Certified Associate

You should have the OCA confirmation as a pre-essential for this course.

Stage 2: Take an Exam

The second step in the OCP confirmation process is to take a course from a choice of around 50 courses and sit an exam. The rundown of these courses is accessible on the Oracle site. The expansive determination implies that you can pick the course that best suits your preparation prerequisites. Note that you can’t meet the necessities of this course through self-contemplate; you need to take a teacher drove class, a virtual class or learn through preparing on-request.

Stage 3: Submission of an Already Completed Course

In this progression, you are required to present a formerly finished course from a rundown of 21 courses. On the other hand, Oracle permits entries from courses made in the past stride.

Stage 4: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II 1Z0-053

This is the end of the year test in the OCP accreditation process. When you pass this exam, you can continue to the last procedure.

Stage 5: Submit a course fulfilment frame

When you pass this exam, you simply need to finish a course accommodation as the last advance in the OCP accreditation process.

  1. Master Certification

This is the most elevated Oracle affirmation you can get. With this capability, you will appropriate to work in senior levels in IT offices taking care of delicate database framework issues and applications. You will require an OCP accreditation to begin. After that you will take a two-day exam and afterward a hands-on course.

Stage 1: Obtain an OCP Certification

The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) needs to acquire OCP confirmation

Stage 2: Complete two propelled courses

The subsequent stage in master confirmation is fruition of two courses from a rundown of more than 30 courses. Some of these courses may correspond with those offered in the OCP confirmation process. By the by, those used to get the OCP accreditation can’t be utilized amid this progression to meet the OCM necessities. Also, as with the OCP affirmation courses, you need to take these courses in class, through virtual class, or via preparing on request.

Stage 3: Submit a Completed Course

This progression is likewise much like its OCP partner in that you can present a filed course from a rundown of right around twenty courses given or a course from the rundown gave in the past advance.

Stage 4: Oracle Database 11g: Certified Master Exam 11GOCM

This is the last, most decisive test in the master accreditation process. Passing this exam basically finishes the learning necessities for the whole Oracle affirmation process. In any case, there are a couple of minor advances required to get the OCM accreditation.

Stage 5: Fill a Course Submission Form

You need to present this shape to exhibit that you have effectively finished every one of the courses required to get the Oracle Certified Master capability.

Stage 6: Submission of a Fulfilment Kit Request

This shape is likewise submitted notwithstanding the course accommodation frame, and is the last prerequisite for the Master Certification process.


When all is said in done, Oracle Certified database administrators have the know-how to run databases both at the lesser and senior levels, contingent upon the confirmation level. A few people may contend that there is little point to being certified, as the procedure includes the retention of hypothetical ideas and taking a different decision test. Notwithstanding, while there is belief to the way that accreditation does little to adjust for the absence of specialized capability acquired through understanding, it gives legitimacy to such claims. As an Oracle Certified database manager, potential bosses and customers are all the more effectively persuaded of your capacities in the field.

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