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definition and meaning of java
java – definition and meaning

Our Java Tutorial or Core Java Tutorial or Java Programming Tutorial is intended for understudies and working experts. Java is a question arranged, class-based, simultaneous, broadly useful computer-programming language and generally utilized strong technology. How about we begin taking in Java from basic inquiries like what is Java, Core Java, where it is utilized, what kind of applications are made in Java, why utilize Java and Java platforms and so on. Our Java instructional exercise encourages you to learn Java with simple and straightforward cases.


What is Java

Java is a programming language and a platform.

Java is an abnormal state, powerful, secure and question situated programming language.

Platform: Any equipment or programming condition in which a program runs, is known as a platform. Since Java has its own particular runtime condition (JRE) and API, it is called platform.


Java Example

We should have a snappy take a gander at java programming case. A nitty-gritty depiction of hi Java illustration is given in next page.

class Simple{

public static void main(String args[]){

System.out.println(“Hello Java”);




Test it Now

Where it is utilized

As indicated by Sun, 3 billion gadgets run java. There are numerous gadgets where Java is as of now utilized. Some of them are as per the following:

  • Work zone Applications, for instance, gymnastic entertainer peruser, media player, antivirus et cetera.
  • Web Applications, for instance,, et cetera.
  • Enterprise Applications, for instance, keeping cash applications.
  • Mobile
  • Installed System
  • Keen Card
  • Mechanical independence
  • Recreations et cetera.


Different Kinds of Java Applications

There are for the most part 4 kinds of applications that can be made utilizing java programming:

  • Standalone Application

Independent applications are otherwise called work area applications or window-based applications. These are customary programming that we have to introduce on each machine. Case of independent applications are: Media player, antivirus and so on. AWT and Swing are utilized as a part of java for making independent applications.

  • Web Application

An application that keeps running on the server side and makes a dynamic page, is called web application. At present, servlet, jsp, swaggers, spring, sleep, jsf and so on advances are utilized for making web applications in Java.

  • Enterprise Application

An application that is circulated in nature, for example, keeping money applications and so on is called enterprise application. It has the upside of abnormal state security, stack adjusting, and bunching. In Java, EJB is utilized for making enterprise applications.

  • Mobile Application

An application that is made for mobile gadgets. As of now Android and Java ME are utilized for making mobile applications.


Java Platforms/Editions

There are 4 platforms or versions of Java:

1- Java SE (Java Standard Edition)

It is a Java programming platform. It incorporates Java programming APIs, for example, Java.lang,,, Java.util, java.sql, java.math and so forth. It incorporates core themes like OOPs, String, Regex, Exception, Inner classes, Multithreading, I/O Stream, Networking, AWT, Swing, Reflection, Collection and so on.


2- Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition)

It is an enterprise platform which is, for the most part, used to create web and enterprise applications. It is based on the highest point of Java SE platform. It incorporates subjects like Servlet, JSP, Web Services, EJB, JPA and so on.


3- Java ME (Java Micro Edition)

It is a miniaturized scale platform which is predominantly used to create mobile applications.


4- JavaFX

It is utilized to create rich web applications. It utilizes light-weight UI API.



To learn Java, you should have the basic information of C/C++ programming language.

Gathering of people

Our Java programming instructional exercise is intended to help novices and experts.


We guarantee that you won’t discover any issue in this Java instructional exercise. Be that as it may, if there is any oversight, please post the issue in a contact frame.

Do You Know?

  • What is the contrast amongst JRE and JVM?
  • What is the reason for JIT compiler?
  • Would we be able to spare the java source document with no name?
  • Why java utilizes the idea of a Unicode framework?

What will we realize in Basics of Java?

  • History of Java
  • Highlights of Java
  • Hello Java Program
  • Program Internal
  • How to set way?
  • Contrast amongst JDK,JRE, and JVM
  • Interior Details of JVM
  • Variable and Data Type
  • Unicode System
  • Administrators

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