Career Options In Banking

Career Options In Banking

Banking in today’s world is one of the most niche career options that many youngsters are looking up to as it provides them with a stable career, along with giving them good money. In order to get a good job as a beginner, a person needs to have a complete understanding of latest happenings in Banking, the understanding of Global Economy, how the global economy works and finding about the challenges of the marketplace if they want to make a stable career in this industry that provides tremendous opportunities in both India and Abroad alike. Banking is one of those careers that provides tremendous opportunities to students from all the fields, provided, they have done a Banking course from good institutes in the country.

NIIT Pune provides Post Graduate Diploma courses in Banking which is also crafted for intelligent entry-level banking professionals who have an understanding about the banking domain and have knowledge about the banking application software which are there. Because of its experienced professionals from industry and proper industry oriented courses, NIIT Pune could be touted as one of the best Banking and Finance institutes in Pune.

In order to make a good career in Banking, one needs to be good at analysing numbers, which means that your mathematics should be strong enough so that you are able to interpret and analyze numerical data.

A Branch Manager’s (as the title of this job suggests) main job is managing the branch of the bank. A Branch manager has various officers, clerical and other staff under him, who also have various day to day jobs that they have to do.

The head offices of all the leading public and private banks coordinate with the Branch Officers in order to supervise and get detailed information about the bank etc.

In India, all the leading banks have to follow the rules and regulations and directives from the Reserve Bank of India.

Bank Manager

  •     Branch operations come under Bank Officer’s tasks
  •     Has the check the records management and the information of the customers
  •     Giving customers advice
  •     Motivating and managing the staff properly
  •     Make plans to achieve profits
  •     Approve the personal loans and business loans of the customers
  •     Giving safe and sound investment advice
  •    Inspecting the property offered as security

Bank officers

  •     Managing the operations of the Banks, commercial consumer, credit department and industrial loans
  •     Specializing as mutual trust and security analysts etc.
  •     Carrying out Market Research
  •     Managing Public relations
  •     Providing services such as Payroll

Merchant and Corporate Banks

  •     Investment management is the main task of Merchant Bankers
  •     Giving appraisals to projects

Work that Corporate Bankers are involved in

  •     Assessment of credit risk
  •    Large organizations mostly are involved banking activities

Investment Bankers

  •     Distribution and Trading  of securities
  •     Participating in direct markets
  •     Helping the business’ and governments’ security issues
  •     For brokers and dealers, making secondary markets

Treasury and for-ex function involves

  •     Acquainting oneself with global money markets
  •     Doing the assessment of various markets
  •     Keeping an eye on the current prices
  •     Being acquainted with the policies

In order to make proper predictions analyzing the top trends. Even Lawyers and engineers have a special post in all of the banks.

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